Service on the Road

Service on the Road

Being able to carry out repairs and routine maintenance away from the workshop is a vital part of the flexibility needed to allow the modern commercial fleet to meet its full revenue potential. Supplier of multi- brand diagnostic products Eclipse explains how its Jaltest can help.

Returning a vehicle to a workshop for repair can be both costly and time consuming. The same is true of routine maintenance, which may be more profitably carried out at a remote location rather than bringing the vehicle back to its home base.

Carrying out repair work and routine servicing on current vehicles is becoming ever more complex and Eclipse says this trend is likely to continue. The company says technicians that don’t have access to a powerful diagnostic platform to assist with even the simplest repair are at a significant disadvantage. Whether it be repairing of AdBlue systems, DPF regenerations, calibrating gearboxes or simply extinguishing the service lamp on the dashboard. Mobile Servicing and repairs will also need a product that works effectively with a wide range of vehicle brands and models.

With customers wanting to have their vehicles serviced and/or repaired in the shortest time possible and for the minimum of cost, speed and quality is the priority. However with so many varied vehicles on the roads it’s impossible to remember every detail about every vehicle, such as service plans, repair times, fluid capacities, locations of component, diagnostic procedures.

Having an extensive vehicle coverage of nearly 6,000 models, Eclipse says Jaltest caters for all vehicle markets to ensure every mobile operator gets the same information as those in the workshop and can maintain and service their customers vehicles with every detail they require at their fingertips.

To make sure that the technician can get the most from the Jaltest product the Eclipse Technical Support Team is available to guide and advise using their own experience and supported by extensive databases of vehicle fault histories. The Technical Support Team can also remotely connect to the Eclipse Tablet PC, guiding and helping the technician as required.

Mercedes Benz Euro 6 – Time Based Service

A mobile service technician is tasked with carrying out the Time Based Service on the vehicle as well as any additional service tasks that tie in with the mileage/time based maintenance.

Using Jaltest the user can quickly see what’s involved and incorporated in the Time Based Service and also have all the fluid capacities and specifications available as required. We now carry out a diagnosis on the MS (Maintenance System) of the vehicle to confirm which services have expired and require attention. Images three to eight below show the six items which are past their life cycle consumption and therefore need to be serviced.

The user again will require Jaltest to reset the components that are serviced, telling the ECU that works have been carried out and amending the next service due date.

With the service now complete and the lamp successfully extinguished the technician can now focus on any other underlying problems with the vehicle. A full system scan is performed on the vehicle during which it will read every control unit fitted and process to check for any current/memory faults. We can see (images four and five) the number and detail of any faults that Jaltest has detected. By clicking on the selected ECU the user can view the fault description, status and confirm to diagnose further the selected item or to delete when it is complete.

The technician can now use the additional information built into the software to view the component location, wiring and test values to identify and repair the fault.

The development of commercial vehicles now means that unless a technician is very familiar with a vehicle, they will not be able to effectively complete any mobile repairs or servicing without the support of a powerful tool such as Jaltest.

Once all faults have been confirmed as repaired the technician can use the tool to perform a total error clearing function of the ECU’s memory then rerun a system scan to confirm the vehicle is fault-free and the service records are up to date.

Eclipse says the multi-brand and multi industry coverage of Jaltest makes it an ideal partner for either mobile technicians or breakdown and recovery specialists.

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