Sourcing Spares

Sourcing Spares

Jost has launched an online tool which allows workshops, distributors and service centres to easily search for original spare parts for Mercedes-Benz and Jost trailer axle models.

Sourcing genuine, OE aftermarket parts for trailer axle systems is important for ensuring the continued safety and reliability of a vehicle. Non-OE parts may promise to deliver an exact-fit replacement, but there can be no guarantee that they’ve been manufactured to the same quality. To keep things simple, genuine OE parts for legacy Mercedes-Benz and current Jost axle systems are available in the UK from Jost.

Gavin Takel, Technical Sales Manager at Jost Axle Systems, comments: “The importance and value of specifying OE aftermarket parts cannot be over emphasised. From a purely money driven perspective, a pence-per-mile analysis on the use of OE versus non-OE shows that cheap, non-OE parts are a false economy. Non-OE parts inevitably need to be replaced sooner and can even affect the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Further, the use of non-original parts is likely to invalidate any warranty on the vehicle.

“In addition, the liability for any damages to private or public property, as well as any accidents that lead to injury or death, could fall on the operator should the failure of a non-OE part be shown to have been a root cause.”

The release of the online Part Finder is designed to help industry professionals search for original spare parts for many of the most popular axle systems currently on the road. The tool is available to everyone from the Jost website, including garages, parts dealers, fleet managers and owners.

“Searching for spare parts using the Part Finder tool is not only significantly easier than using a printed catalogue or PDF document, it is also a lot faster and ensures the right product is found first time,” adds Gavin. “We also continually update and expand the tool to include spare parts from older models, alongside the current axle models, including the new DCA Steermaster 21°. Special tools for maintenance and repair are also available via the tool, making it a one-stop-shop.”

Users can search for spare parts by axle series and component groups via an intuitive tree structure, or by entering the serial number of the axle or spare parts number of the component. The serial number can be found on the type plate of every axle. When entering the serial number, the Part Finder automatically checks the axle specification at the time of delivery and displays only the suitable spare parts for the specific axle system. Users can also search for specific spare parts, or can search using the Mercedes-Benz article number or by product description.

The Product Finder tool was launched to help customers, parts dealers and garages find genuine OE parts that are guaranteed to match the axle system requiring maintenance or repair. The part finder is available at www.jost-par t- and is free to use. The website includes a ‘How To’ video to help users get the most out of the tool.

The company plans to continually expand the online Part Finder until the entire catalogue of Mercedes-Benz and Jost axle systems (past and present) is available. Other products from the Jost Group, including fifth wheel couplings; container equipment; landing gears and ball bearing turntables; Rockinger towing hitches; Edbro hydraulic cylinders; and Tridec trailer axle steering systems will also be added to the platform.

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