Spoilt for Choice
Spoilt for Choice

Spoilt for Choice

Juratek explains how its Synergy brake brand offers workshops a choice suited to the varying duty levels of commercial vehicles.

Commercial and public service vehicles experience a wide spectrum of use when they’re in service, and this can have a huge effect on the pressure and operating temperature a vehicle’s brake system is subjected to. Some aftermarket suppliers only have one material grade for all these diverse applications. Juratek, however, offers three materials tailored to the stresses of a vehicle’s day-to-day.

At one end of the scale, vehicles can be running up and down the motorway hardly ever applying their brakes, whereas others may be constantly stopping and starting – this is particularly true of buses. If a vehicle has a route that includes long hill descents, then the driver is likely to be continually applying the brakes. Brake temperatures can vary from as low as 200°C, all the way up to 850°C, when tackling long hill descents or urban bus routes. These variations mean that choosing the right material for the right application becomes safety critical. Not only that, but if an inadequate brake is fitted the chances are it will wear quickly, which will in all likelihood lead to significant impact on the wallet.

Basic pad grades, which are perfectly suitable up to medium levels of duty, wear at a much faster rate once the operating temperature exceeds 400°C for any length of time. In these circumstances, a premium grade of pad becomes an advantage – providing the end user with a more cost-effective fitment, due to its extended pad life, even though the component cost may be higher. Juratek offers three grades of friction material each designed for a specific purpose. The chart below shows these different grades and the levels of duty they are designed for.


Synergy Red has a slightly higher friction and works best at the mid-duty range. Adam Bint, who is a former Division 2 Truck Racing champion, prefers the feel of these pads when racing.

Synergy Yellow has a high performance level, which provides for shorter stopping distances, with excellent stability of performance coupled with long pad life and excellent working compatibility with the brake disc. These characteristics mean it is now the pad of choice for many BTRA (British Truck Racing Association) Division 1 truck racing teams. In 2018, it was fitted to over 50% of the Division 1 grid.

Juratek’s Synergy premium braking products are therefore chosen by some of the UK’s largest fleet and bus operators.

To find out more about the Synergy brake range from Juratek, click here. 

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