Stick to your guns

Stick to your guns

Kömmerling takes CVW through a step-by-step guide to using Korapur 666 mixing cartridges for commercial vehicle panel repair.

Korapur 666 is a two-part polyurethane structural adhesive mixer cartridge for vehicle body repair. It is a reactive adhesive for bonding of metals, and also offers good adhesion to aluminium, wood, PVC-rigid and GRP. In addition, it is suitable for the assembling of side walls, floors and roofs in commercial vehicle repairs, and for the manufacture and repair of sandwich elements such as PS-, PUR-, and PVC-rigid foam. Once cured, it offers good resistance to humidity and weathering. The product is designed for use in a standard cartridge applicator, so repairs can be carried out onsite – saving trailer operators time and money – or in the workshop.


In order to be bonded, the surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from dust and fatty matter (oils, greases, etc.). Metals should normally be pre-treated by removing the fatty matter, lightly sanding with grit 40, and cleaning with Korasolv PU to improve the quality of the bond and consequently the final repair.


1. The processing temperature of the adhesive should be between 15°C and 25°C. Open the mixing cartridge containing the Korapur 666, insert it into the cartridge gun – keeping the product vertical – and clamp with the push rod. This step is important to ensure that the plunger cannot slip during mixing

2. Insert the threaded end of the mixing rod into the nozzle opening. Avoid movement of the piston during mixing

3. Screw the mixing rod clockwise into the two-part partitioning disc until a faint click can be heard. Mix the two constituents in the cartridge vigorously and thoroughly by applying a pumping action to the mixing rod. Gently turn the mixing rod clockwise during the mixing process

4. Check that the components have been completely mixed in the cartridge (a beige colour throughout the cartridge indicates that they have been fully mixed). Once satisfied, pull the mixing rod out as far as possible and then unscrew, before screwing on the application nozzle. Following this, you are ready to apply the Korapur 666 in a continuous run. Do not use the first 20-30mm, as the adhesive will not be properly mixed. The adhesive can be spread with a spatula if necessary. Once mixed, the cartridge has a 90 minute pot life

5. The parts that are to be bonded should be clamped with G-clamps (or similar) until the Korapur 666 is extensively cured. This should be for approximately 8 to 12 hours at 20°C, and full curing should be achieved after approximately 24 hours. If applied in higher temperatures, these times will be reduced. Any tools used in the application should be cleaned immediately using Korasolv PU.

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