Sykes-Pickavant Launch Carbon Tec HHO

Sykes-Pickavant Launch Carbon Tec HHO

Sykes-Pickavant are excited to be launching the brand new 53400300 Carbon Tec HHO – an anticipated solution for promoting efficient engine operation by using HHO to remove carbon deposits that have built up in the engine.

The portable Carbon Tec HHO allows for use both in and out of the garage, working off the vehicle’s battery on a safe low voltage of 12V when the engine is running. With little or no disassembly of the engine required, it is a perfect solution for those working on a mobile basis, with an easy procedure that can be carried out by just one operator. The machine is low maintenance, there is no need for the user to stay with the vehicle continuously during operation and no requirement for constant replenishment of fluid after each application.

Suitable for both petrol and diesel combustion engines, the Carbon Tec HHO loosens built-up carbon by releasing hydrogen into the combustion engine’s air inlet system whilst running. These deposits block and clog the engine which can cause expensive issues; resolving these prior to damage can save hundreds of pounds on parts and labour for vehicles with and without DPFs. We are positive that the Carbon Tec HHO will provide a lucrative opportunity for garages with an average service retail price of £100.

The machine works by providing a controlled flow of HHO which raises the temperature during combustion to burn off built up deposits in the engine. The production of HHO is reduced to prevent engine runaway and excessive temperatures which can cause damage to the engine and components. This limited HHO production protects both the vehicle and operator by maintaining the required oxygen balance laid out by the engine parameters. When this is not adhered to, the imbalance can cause DTCs and other associated engine issues.

The amount of suggested applications will depend on the vehicles mileage and issues being addressed, it is important to remember that the Carbon Tec HHO is not a cure-all but a tool to help clean the engine and associated areas. Additional fluid will be available to top up the machine once it reaches the minimum level to ensure that the HHO production continues as required.

The Carbon Tec HHO is made in the UK, with a two year warranty for added peace of mind. A full back up service is available to maintain the life of the machine.

The company will be unveiling its new machine at the CV Show at the Birmingham NEC from the 24–26th April in Hall 4, Stand E31. This will give visitors an exclusive opportunity to be the first to see the machine in all its splendour! Sykes-Pickavant will also be bringing other new releases and firm favourites with product demonstrations to ensure that there is something for everyone to discover.

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