The Full Service

The Full Service

As an example of the support Liftmaster can offer workshops, the company reveals how it assisted PJ Logistics on the specification and installation of its new outside commercial brake testing facility.

Liftmaster has recently installed a new commercial brake testing facility for PJ Logistics, based in Billingshurst. After much research, Mark Lamley, MD of PJ Logistics, decided that there was a requirement for a drive-in commercial brake testing facility in the area.

Tens of thousands of pounds have been spent in preparing the area to accept commercial vehicles on the site, which is adjacent to PJ’s existing, well equipped, workshop facility. At the time of writing, the site is not yet fully complete, with a little more work being required on the parking area and some finishing touches added to the control room.

With the large area available, Mark was keen to make sure entering the site is as easy as possible. Fortunately, as the facility is open air, there is enough room for the largest vehicles to drive on to the brake tester easily. There is also a large parking area for waiting vehicles. The brake test area itself has a new level concrete road to ensure accurate results, whilst there is also a headlight test facility which is being installed just in front of the brake rollers.

Liftmaster was delighted to have been chosen to supply PJ Logistics with the brake and headlight test equipment. Mark had looked at several options and went on recommendation from another Liftmaster customer when making his decision.

Kevin Howard, Commercial Manager for Liftmaster, advised Mark on the equipment selection and installation, and upon analysis of the company’s needs and space available, the ATT XL441 Commercial Brake Tester was installed. This is a full specification brake tester, which is supplied by Liftmaster to a number of ATF sites.

Liftmaster has successfully installed many commercial brake testers outside without problems, providing a few simple extra steps are taken to care for the equipment. The main control cabinet is installed inside in a modified container. Due to the fact that Liftmaster supplied a special version of the ATT brake tester, the company was able to set up the control system on a desk to the customer’s requirements. To provide further flexibility, the tester is controlled from the desk, but can also be controlled from a tablet inside the vehicle being tested at any given time.

It is unusual to install headlight testers outside, but one has been installed at PJ’s prior to the brake rollers. A small shelter is being built to house the headlight tester when not in use.

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