The heat is on

The heat is on

Specialist in vehicle climate control, Eberspächer UK gives CVW a rundown on its latest generation of products, including the Airtronic diesel-fuelled heater and Easystart Pro.

The company recently launched its next generation of Airtronic dieselfuelled air heaters, the D2L and D4L, in the 2kw and 4kw ranges fitted with brushless motors, CAN (Controller Area network) interfaces and quieter fuel pumps, targeting minibus, workshop vehicle and truck cab markets. With lower power consumption and reduced weight, the new versions have almost doubled the service-life intervals of previous models.

CAN bus technology becomes the new ‘nerve-centre’ of the system, ensuring greater flexibility, and making the internal workings more reliable and less exposed to faults. Step-less regulated heat output always ensures ideal comfort. High altitude mode capability (up to 3,000m) is included at no additional cost. Airtronic heaters can be installed internally or externally, and provide heat very quickly to personnel carriers and all ranges of commercial vehicles that may need to be stationary for extended periods of time.


For cooling only, or heating and cooling, Eberspächer Evaporators have powerful internal fans that can work in conjunction with either Airtronic or Hydronic heaters, to provide a steady supply of dehumidified air. The EV10000 offers condensate-free operation and a robust casing, enabling it to operate in arduous operating conditions. Its smaller compatriot, the EV7000, also recently launched, fits snugly above the driver and may appeal to the increasing number of smaller vehicles.

Easystart Pro

The new Easystart Pro control switch has been designed to enhance a modern dashboard or bulkhead inside and includes a timer function, allowing drivers to select a desired start time, desired temperature and heating duration. The liquid-crystal matrix display and multi-coloured LED status display ring surrounding the operating button continuously indicates whether heating or ventilation mode is currently active. Up to two heaters can be controlled separately from one Easystart Pro unit.

Eberspächer has an extensive dealer network across the UK that can offer expert advice on the latest heating, cooling and climate control systems for refurbishment of all types of mini and midi-buses and other commercial vehicles.

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