TIP Trailer Services launches BrakePlus

TIP Trailer Services launches BrakePlus

TIP Trailer Services has launched BrakePlus, its dedicated Electronic Braking Performance Monitoring System (EBPMS) to provide fleet operators with an alternative to carrying out physical roller brake tests throughout the year.

With BrakePlus, fleet teams can have their trailers’ braking systems automatically monitored and, thus, benefit from cost, time, and effort savings associated with regular physical roller brake tests. The system captures braking performance information from a trailer’s electronic braking system and presents it to fleet teams in the form of a ‘Braking Performance Value’, which translates as a simple ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ – and all via an intuitive, user-friendly platform.

Being able to produce a ‘Braking Performance Report’ periodically as part of a trailer’s service inspection record can serve as evidence of the braking performance of the trailer and help ensure fleet operators stay compliant. What’s more, BrakePlus provides email alerts when a braking system for a trailer begins to underperform.

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