Tool Security Locker

Tool Security Locker

The Safe-T-Stow Locker has been engineered by Hope Technical Developments to make it extremely difficult to steal tools and other valuable equipment from vans.

The 500m x 935mm x 485mm security box is built from 2mm welded steel sheet, weighs 53kg and has predrilled mounting points to secure it to the vehicle floor. It looks reassuringly solid and robust to deter any casual thieves.

The heavy-duty lid has been designed to resist attempts to open it with a crowbar and incorporates concealed, anti-tamper hinges. There are gas struts for ease of lifting. The 70mm lock has a closed, hardened steel shackle, a 4-pin tumbler and anti-pick mechanism. Inside, there are two tray holders for securing laptops, electronic and documents.

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