Tools for the Job

Tools for the Job

Gaining access to a trailer EBS module for service or repair can be tricky. Knorr-Bremse has developed a tool to make the job faster and easier.

Carrying out a service or a repair on an EBS trailer module often requires extraction of connectors and plugs. Depending on where the TEBS module is mounted on the trailer, they can be difficult to reach – the surrounding area may be narrow, or there may be limited space to exert the necessary force on the release lug.

This slows down repairs, meaning more downtime, and can also result in damage to the connectors or the EBS module itself. Knorr-Bremse has come up with a solution: the Extraction Tool Case, developed in conjunction with specialist tool manufacturer Gedore Automotive.

The tool is designed to help fast release of all electronic connectors on trailer EBS modules: power supply, additional functions and wheel speed sensors. It simplifies the release and tightening of the power supply connectors for the trailer EBS module, both those with a bayonet fitting and those with pole-connector style fittings.

Technicians can work overhead so the job is more comfortable and, because the technician has better control and is able to exert more force, it’s faster and easier.

How the Extractor tools work

All the tools come with an ergonomically designed, two-component handle for a perfect fit in one’s hand.

Bayonet nut

The bayonet removal tool is simply placed on the bayonet and turned clockwise. It can be used on its own or, if access is very limited, in conjunction with a ratchet. It has a square key, making it possible to use a standard ratchet.

Socket Connector

The Socket Connector is used to release pin pole-style plug connectors. The kit contains three separate tools for removing 2-pole, 6-pole and 12-pole connectors. The matching tool is placed on the connector and gently pulled to release it.

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