Tribo launches brake friction products in the UK

Tribo launches brake friction products in the UK

Tribo brake friction products are now available in the UK. In this article, CVW takes a look at the design of its brake pads.

Tribo is a well-established Ukrainian based manufacturer of friction materials for various industries and is
 an OEM supplier to truck and bus companies around the world, including MAZ, BelAZ and MTZ. Cannock-based Chamber Engineering has been appointed as the sole distributor of Tribo CV friction products in the UK. It will supply customers direct from the factory, which Tribo says will deliver significant cost savings.

The CV brake pads are certified to ECE R90 and ISO 26865 quality standards
 and have been designed to deliver over 100,000km service life with low disc
 deterioration. The design includes a steel plate resistant to deformation and 
corrosion, with an underlayer to improve the bond between the friction material and the plate, which protects the pad from overheating.

There is a metal mesh that gives a five-fold increase in the strength between the plate and the friction material to eliminate the risk of shearing. The pad material is manufactured so there is an even distribution of copper and brass particles. Special chamfers and slots help bedding and reduce dust formation. Manufacturing is to ISO 9001:201 5 and ISO 14001:201 to ensure consistent quality.

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