Truck-Lite discusses LED lighting

Truck-Lite discusses LED lighting

LED lighting is becoming standard for many companies, including OE manufacturers. Truck-Lite talks about the advantages of this to the commercial vehicle industry.

There are numerous advantages of this move in the market; one of them being the extended lifespan of the product, with many LEDs running up to 100,000 hours. This is drastically longer than most bulbed lamps and they are much less likely to need replacing.

LED lights are less fragile because they are a solid state unit with no filament and are less susceptible to breaking. LEDs also have a 70% lower power draw than bulbs which means less drain to the vehicle battery and monetary savings in fuel economy due to increased efficiency.

LED lighting seems to be much more suited to the heavy-duty and commercial vehicle industry due to their robust structure and design. LEDs are more likely to withstand impact from uneven road surfaces, falls from height, and minor collisions.

Truck-Lite Europe was the first company to introduce a full LED rear lamp to the market with the Model 756 back in 2006. Since then, the Model 756 has become very popular across the board. In 2012, Truck- Lite’s Lifetime Warranty Trailer Kit was introduced, featuring the Model 756 along with many other LED products.

Truck-Lite’s five-year and lifetime warranty packages are testament to the confidence it has in the quality and durability of its lamps and harnesses. Truck- Lite has been supplying European vehicle manufacturers for over 95 years.

Its expertise and experiences from working with OEM’s and end-users has allowed it to transition from pre-wired components to complete trailer kits, and now to even specialising in ‘plug and play’ systems. Truck-Lite can meet the needs of all its customers in any trailer market and its lifetime warranty kits provide a wide range of unique features and benefits.

Truck-lite LED lighting

Some of the key features of its lifetime kit include:

  • Full LED lighting kit
  • Lifetime warranty (including parts and labour)
  • Dedicated trailer support team
  • Easy connection through Truck-Lite ‘Rapide’ Junction Plate and loomed system
  • Easy Maintenance – dielectric connections
  • Free of charge maintenance training and certification
  • Dust and water tested to IP69K
  • Meets TUV ADR

Both its five-year and lifetime warranty kits offer the company’s most intelligent products, including the recent Model 900 LED rear lamp with homogeneous outline markers, progressive indication, and additional take-offs to eliminate the need for a junction box. The Model 900 also includes a built-in take-off to incorporate flashing side markers which will comply with the REG 48 Issue 6 requirement.

All of its trailer kit components are vigorously tested in its UK-based laboratory and test facility. Only the highest quality lamps, harnessing, and connectors make it onto the road. Its lifetime warranty kit is dust and water tested, EMC approved, and meets TUV ADR standards. This warranty enables fleets to have confidence in their vehicle lighting, contributing to a safer vehicle on the roads.

To see Truck-Lite’s full LED product range and options for trailer lighting kits, click here.

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