Truck-Lite offers regulation guidance

Truck-Lite offers regulation guidance

Regulation changes can be a confusing topic for many companies due to the technical details and specifications involved. With the Issue 6 amendments for Regulation 48 (REG 48) approaching, Truck-Lite gives some guidance.

REG 48 is in relation to flashing sidemarkers on all new trailers across the UK and Europe. The Issue 6 amendment requires either of the following options. All new vehicles of categories N2, N3, 03, and 04 must have either:

  • A maximum of three Category 5 (CAT 5) indicator sidemarker lamps per side and evenly spaced, or
  • At least three amber sidemakers flashing in phase and simultaneously with the direction indicator (using a flasher unit) per side

Examples of the options in place are illustrated on the here:

Truck-Lite offers regulation guidance

Truck-Lite offers regulation guidance

This Issue has been part of a gradual change across the industry over the past few years, seeing all newly-built trailers adopt the safety requirement. The aim of the regulation is to improve road safety and visibility surrounding the vehicle when changing lanes. With indicators covering the length of the vehicle, other road users – such as cyclists and passenger cars – will be less likely to misinterpret a manoeuvring signal.

Truck-Lite’s dedicated trailer support team are on hand to provide advice and guidance on industry regulations, as well as recommendations on the most suitable trailer kits for the vehicle’s needs.

Part of safety is also reliability, and Truck-Lite is proud to offer a unique selection of trailer light kits including a lifetime and a five-year warranty kit which includes parts and labour. Best practice training, guidance, and tips are also provided to fleets free of charge and are aimed at prolonging the life of trailer kits.

The Truck-Lite trailer support team regularly visits customers to provide training and certification to employees fitting its lighting kits to vehicles. The unique training sessions will cover various aspects of trailer kit fitment and regulations.

Some of the sections include trailer kit connections, junction plates, correct fitting procedures, and repair processes. The training will be accompanied by Truck-Lite’s pocket-size best practice booklets and certificates following each visit.

Truck-Lite’s Model 900 multifunction LED rear lamp boasts a number of features, such as homogenous lighting, progressive direction indicating, integrated intelligence, LED failure detection, and additional takeoffs eliminating the need for a junction box. An optional proximity sensing stalk is also available to enhance driver awareness and assist trailer docking.

The Model 900 also caters for the REG 48 requirements with the ability to flash sidemarkers directly from the lamp itself. With other rear lamps, an additional flasher unit is needed alongside a junction box, but the Model 900 eliminates the need for both of these items with an in-built flasher unit and additional take-offs for extra connectivity.

Truck-Lite models 876 and 877 provide CAT 5 indicators which flash without the need for an external unit. These LED lamps have a combined function that provides additional directional indicators down the side of the vehicle. These can be fitted in sequence with the 870/871 LED marker to meet the new regulations. Alternatively, you can fit the marker lamps with the company’s model 828 flasher.

About Truck-Lite

Truck-Lite Europe is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of vision systems servicing the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. Under the brand names of Truck-Lite, Rubbolite, Rigid, and Signal-Stat, the company has become a forerunner in LED and incandescent lighting technology, mirror manufacturing, and trailer assemblies. Servicing the truck, trailer, off-road, and military sectors, as well as the independent aftermarket, it has an extensive portfolio of OEM customers and over 95 years of experience in an ever-changing and evolving marketplace.

To see an overview of the Reg 48 Amendments, click here.

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