TruTac adds latest module to TruFleet

TruTac adds latest module to TruFleet

TruFleet, the fleet management software developed by TruTac, was introduced three years ago, and now there is another new module, TruFleet Workshop. CVW finds out more.

When TruTac launched TruFleet it seemed quite comprehensive. Here was a tool, vehicle compliance and maintenance software, that seemed to cover all the bases. Transport managers could use it to plan, organise and control all aspects of day-to-day fleet and O-Licence management.

They could instantly see all planned maintenance events including inspections, MOTs, services, LOLER checks and repairs. They could even create bespoke entries for each operator’s requirements and view all weekly calendar events in detail on a single screen. It has proved popular too, according to TruTac managing director Jemma James. “Our TruFleet vehicle maintenance product has proved to be a great success and is widely relied upon by fleet managers in the HGV and PSV sectors,” she says. “TruFleet brings efficiencies to day-to-day vehicle maintenance and helps to maintain compliance control.”

So why add TruFleet, yet another module? James says that the latest module enables fleet managers improve their day-to-day vehicle maintenance and compliance control and was developed in response to customer demand.

“Now, based on feedback from our customers, we have introduced TruFleet Workshop so busy fleet managers can create bespoke vehicle documentation, focus on running costs and generally tighten up all areas of resource and vehicle asset management,” she says.

The TruFleet Workshop module comes with a wide range of features that are tailored to workshop needs. Users can now create customised templates for vehicle inspections, repairs, servicing, MOTs, and associated running costs. The module also allows for electronic periodic maintenance inspections (EPMIs) that are easy to create and merge for servicing and inspections.

TruTac introduces new workshop module

System integration

Each of these templates are fully customisable, easily edited, and cloned, and can be used for any fleet asset, including trucks and trailers. The module also includes an option for improving audit trail transparency by allowing operators to choose sign-off levels with up to three independent signatures, such as for the technician, rectification second signature, and manager’s signature.

Furthermore, the TruFleet Workshop module is fully integrated with TruChecks and the TruTac driver application. This means that fleet managers can identify and log any defect while fully recording the audit trail from initial identification to rectification and sign off within the system. Costs can be logged against each asset for full control and visibility. The company says that it will release further costing enhancements over the coming months.

TruTac offers a one-stop shop of compliance products to aid fleet management and compliance control, including TruAnalysis, the full tachograph management system, TruFleet for improved maintenance planning and TruChecks for easier daily vehicle inspections. According to TruTac, more than 5,700 operators use its software products and the number is growing daily.

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