Tungsram outlines its Heavy Star 24V lamp

Tungsram outlines its Heavy Star 24V lamp

Tungsram outlines its recently released Heavy Star 24V lamp, which offers longer life combined with increased robustness, and the importance of adequate light in road safety.

In order to reduce traffic accidents, safety on the road is important for everyone involved in trucking, from fleet management and drivers to truck engineers and manufacturers, who all play an indispensable role in the safe operation of commercial vehicles which not only have to be correctly fitted with the obligatory lights, but also should be maintained in good condition at all times.

Durable solutions

Lighting is one of the most important components that drivers need. Lighting enhance visibility, design, function and safety in the commercial vehicle industry that can be used across many different applications.

Tungsram Heavy Star 24V heavy duty, long life lamps were designed and manufactured to withstand the exacting demands of the professional commercial vehicle market; therefore, they are the first choice for both the fleet and specialist users.

Appropriate lighting for your truck is very important to make sure the driver is comfortable and feels safe while working. In addition to its standard range, Tungsram offers a variety of heavy duty, long life halogen and auxiliary bulbs for when the going gets even tougher.


Due to their increased robustness, special technology and the newly developed coil design, Tungsram Heavy Star lamps burns longer, providing more economical driving with longer life and longer intervals between changes, resulting in fewer failures and vehicle downtime.

In order to significantly reduce downtime for lamp replacement, you can retrofit your whole fleet with Tungsram Heavy Star headlight and auxiliary lamps for improved performance, causing less vehicle downtime, reducing maintenance and overall running costs.

Genuine quality

Tungsram products are developed to make drivers work easier. Apart from the high quality and reliable halogen headlight lamps (H1, H3, H4, H7), Tungsram also offers a wide selection of auxiliary miniature lamps.

The Heavy Star 24V miniature portfolio includes side turn signal lights, warning lights, stop lights, fog lights, reverse lights, parking lights and license plate lights designed for rugged and extreme environments, meeting the high demands of the professional commercial vehicle market.

Due to their sturdy design Tungsram Heavy Star 24V lamps are the ideal choice to suit every-day long highway journeys, providing reliable light in even the toughest operating and challenging road conditions, ensuring fewer failures and vehicle downtime.

To see the full available range available from Tungsram, click here.

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