Tyresafe encourages tyre management

Tyresafe encourages tyre management

With winter here, Emma Burley of Tyresafe invites workshop owners and operators to focus on a crucial aspect of vehicle maintenance: tyre management.

It must be emphasised that tyre safety and maintenance should be a year-round priority for all light commercial vehicles (LCVs). The importance of tyre maintenance for LCVs is easily remembered through a simple acronym, ACT, which covers the essential checks: Air Pressure, Condition, and Tread. 

  1. Air Pressure:
    Maintaining the correct air pressure in tyres is essential for safety, performance, and fuel efficiency. Low tyre pressure can lead to increased rolling resistance, reduced handling, and even blowouts. Conversely, overinflated tyres can negatively affect grip and lead to uneven wear. 
  2. Condition:
    Inspect tyres regularly for signs of damage, such as cuts, bulges, or punctures. Damaged tyres are more likely to fail, compromising safety and costing you money. Remember, a damaged tyre isn’t just a safety hazard – it can also lead to costly downtime. 
  3. Tread Depth:
    Proper tread depth is critical for traction and braking performance, especially in wet or slippery conditions. Check tyre tread regularly using the ‘20p test’. Insert a 20p coin into the main tread grooves; if the outer rim of the coin is visible, the tyres may be approaching or actually below the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

Daily walk-around

Before setting off, take a few extra minutes to perform these checks, especially air pressure and condition. A bulge, object embedded in the tyre or a significantly under-inflated tyre will be quite easy to spot. Ensuring tyres are in top condition will provide peace of mind on the road and contribute to a smoother and safer journey.

Tyresafe encourages tyre management

Year-round responsibility

It’s crucial to recognise that tyre maintenance is a year-round responsibility for all LCV operators. Implementing the ACT approach – checking Air Pressure, Condition, and Tread – to help keep an LCV fleet safe and roadworthy. By prioritising tyre safety, you not only reduce the risk of delays or incidents but also save money through improved fuel efficiency and extended tyre life.

Tyresafe encourages tyre management

About TyreSafe

TyreSafe, is the UK’s tyre safety charity that has been at the forefront of championing tyre safety among commercial vehicle drivers for nearly two decades.

Tyresafe encourages tyre management

TyreSafe continues to play a pivotal role in educating, advocating, and providing resources to commercial vehicle operators, emphasising that tyre safety should always be at the forefront of their road journey. As it joins forces with key stakeholders, TyreSafe reinforces the message that tyre safety is a year-round commitment that can save lives and reduce costs for businesses.

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