Unigloves outlines its website features

Unigloves outlines its website features

Telling you anything you need to know about hand protection, the Unigloves website offers information, resources, guides, and technical data on its products and services.

Visitors can search for specific glove ranges like Nitrex and PRO.TECT. They can also explore information based on industry sectors, understanding the glove needs for each. The site allows bookings for a free hand and arm protection survey (HAAPS) by Unigloves.

Besides product details, the site features a resources section. This includes downloadable glove guides and a knowledge base. It contains company information, videos, and frequently asked questions. Users can request product samples directly from the site. There’s also information on glove materials, their benefits, EN standards, and their meanings. It shares the latest news and provides direct access to Unigloves’ sales, customer service, and Technical Support teams.

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