Watson Fuels maximises CV engine life

Watson Fuels maximises CV engine life

James Joyce, Head of Lubricants at Watson Fuels, explains the importance of maximising CV engine life and how high quality products aid this process.

Commercial fleet operators are currently facing several challenges and are constantly looking for solutions to help them evolve and ensure that vehicles are delivering the necessary profit to allow their business to prosper.

When stocked with the right high-quality products, commercial vehicle workshops can help fleet managers to achieve their goals, providing game changing solutions and earning repeat business from higher-volume customers.

The challenge for commercial vehicle fleets

With businesses everywhere feeling the financial squeeze, fleet operators are under more pressure than ever to improve business efficiency, and optimise their vehicles to reduce long-term costs. These fleet operators are becoming more and more reliant on commercial vehicle workshops – the quality products on offer in some garages can make a significant difference.

Environmental laws have tightened too, and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have been rapidly developing new technologies to filter and ‘neutralise’ emissions to keep in line with legislation, adopting a combination of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) after-treatment system technology.

As each additional system works to reduce emissions, vehicle efficiency becomes a greater challenge – not only from the way systems function, but the additional weight these systems add to vehicles, too.

This drive for efficiency and enforced change presents a golden opportunity for commercial vehicle workshops. If garages can help to solve the toughest issues for fleet operators, then they can secure a much larger base of repeat customers. Ultimately, the workshops that offer products which can deliver significant commercial vehicle performance improvements are more likely to succeed.

How high-quality products can help One of the most important factors that impacts vehicle efficiency is engine life, and any product that improves the reliability and durability of an engine can be game-changing for a business.

This is where high-quality products can help, with a little extra initial spend often drastically reducing the long-term running costs of a commercial vehicle fleet. While standard products usually do little more than apply a protective layer to a particular component, high-quality products can do much more.

For most engine oils, wear protection goes without question, but high-quality engine oils offer much more. Benefits such as the prevention of gathering soot particulates and engine sludge, as well as the extended drain intervals, greater fuel efficiency, lower filtration costs, and reduced downtime that high-quality engine oils provide make a real difference when maintaining a commercial vehicle, ensuring each commercial vehicle’s potential is maximised.

When stocked with high-quality products like engine oils, a workshop provides a much more attractive offering to commercial vehicle fleet operators, which will ultimately result in greater footfall as well as a more loyal customer base.

Any commercial vehicle workshop that offers high-quality and effective products has taken a step in the right direction, transforming its offering to commercial vehicle fleets, keeping customers happy and maximising both footfall and customer retention.

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