WIN! An MXTS 40 40A Battery Charger & Support Unit

WIN! An MXTS 40 40A Battery Charger & Support Unit

CVW has teamed up with CTEK to give one lucky reader the opportunity to win an MXTS 40 40A battery charger and support unit.

With one in four commercial vehicles arriving in the workshop with a battery problem, it’s more important than ever to ensure that the battery is supported if you are undertaking repairs, testing electrical circuits, carrying out diagnostic procedures, flash programming ECUs or programming vehicle keys. Using a battery support unit will protect the battery against failure, saving technicians time, insuring against programming failures and preventing possible costly damage to the ECU.

The CTEK MXTS 40 is a powerful, compact and robust 40A battery charger and support unit for use with both 12V and 24V batteries. Simple to use and electronically safe, this unit provides rapid charging for all chemistries. It’s a powerful eight-stage charger that delivers optimum charging in the shortest possible time. With selectable modes for all battery types, including Calcium, Gel, and AGM, it is said to ensure that a safe, fast charge is delivered to meet the exact needs of the individual battery chemistry. The unique ‘Recond’ mode can also be selected to restore deeply discharged batteries that would normally be discarded.

Equally suited to battery support, the MXTS 40 provides a range of highly accurate, selectable and constant voltage settings to avoid ECU damage due to voltage fluctuation during programming. It can supply up to 40A of clean and constant current (20A in 24V mode), protecting against disruption to the diagnostic process. The unit’s voltage range is 13.6-14.8V in 12V mode and double this in 24V mode. It can also be used as a secure power source if the battery needs to be disconnected from the vehicle.

The user interface provides essential information clearly and simply; the CTEK eight-step charge progress indicator LEDs are complemented by an additional OLED display that gives read-outs of important charge parameters, including current, voltage and amps charged.

Fully automatic, spark proof and reverse- polarity protected, the MXTS 40 can be connected to the battery without removing it from the vehicle.


To be in with a chance of winning this great prize, all you have to do is answer the following question (Hint – the answer can be found in this article):

How many commercial vehicles arrive in the workshop with a battery problem?

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