WIN! TTP Hard prize bundle

WIN! TTP Hard prize bundle

TTP Hard is here to make stainless steel drilling a walk in the park for two lucky CVW readers, who will receive a large TTP Hard drills set, a tub of CUT-IT metal cutting paste, and a pair of safety glasses.

A split point cobalt drill bit is the best choice when using a hand drill, as the split point prevents the drill bit from ‘walking’ or sliding. Once you have the correct kit and technique, drilling stainless steel becomes easy.

Beware of too much heat 

One of the biggest problems that can occur when drilling stainless is for it to ‘work harden’. This happens when excessive friction causes too much heat to build up. The metal becomes harder than it was in the first place, making the material even more difficult to work with. It’s therefore crucial that you prevent this happening. You can avoid work hardening by:

1. Drilling at a slow to moderate speed to avoid excessive friction

2. Using plenty of drilling lubricant

3. Applying only moderate pressure

4. Having rest periods – allow the drill bit to cool down between drilling sessions

5. Starting with a smaller diameter hole first and then work up gradually to desired size

WIN! TTP Hard prize bundle


To be in with a chance of winning this great prize, answer the following question (Hint: the answer can be found in this article):

What problem does a split point drill bit prevent?


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