All Under Control

All Under Control

The S-TCV from Haldex integrates hydraulic braking systems on tractors and air brake systems on trailers with one single valve, unifying these formerly separate functions, saving space and reducing cost. CVW finds out more.

As many fleet operators will know, detailed regulations apply when hydraulically braked tractors and
air braked trailers are used not only in agriculture or at construction sites, but also on public roads. In January 2016, the new EU legislation took effect. The characteristic braking curve of a towed unit, for example, must be within a certain braking range.

Haldex’s S-TCV trailer control valve, which satisfies this requirement, now offers regulatory compliance of these vehicle combinations in one easy step, says the company.

Simplified installation kits

Space in today’s high-tech tractors has never been at such a premium, and installation of a trailer control, which can include up to five different valves, is often a laborious process. With its S-TCV compact solution, which simplifies the coupling of hydraulic braking systems and air braking systems, Haldex addresses precisely these points.

The company’s S-TCV consolidates a number of valves into a single unit, which saves space in a user-friendly configuration. The abbreviation S-TCV stands for ‘Solenoid Trailer Control Valve’, which means significantly less installation time, and consequently vital cost benefits through intelligent integration of diverse functions. Because the double check valve for operation of the electric parking brake is also integrated in S-TCV, the modular system can replace up to four external valves. At the same time, up to seven elbow and T-fittings can be dispensed with.

Integrated parking brake

The whole system includes an integrated solenoid valve for electrical parking brakes, which makes very costly rod operation of parking brakes superfluous. STCV also includes an additional solenoid valve for predominance (with integrated governor valve), which results in faster response time. For good measure, this solenoid valve offers exceptional braking precision, according to the manufacturer. This is the result of a closed loop principle patented by Haldex, based on an internal governor valve.

About the company

Haldex is a Swedish company, operating worldwide with offices in 18 countries. The company develops and provides reliable solutions that improve safety, vehicle dynamics and environmental sustainability in the commercial vehicle industry. Its key product lines include brake adjusters for drum brakes, and air disc brakes.

To make life easier for workshops, Haldex has an online ‘Findex’ catalogue, where users can search across the entire range to find what they need. In addition to this, the website features a ‘Distributors & Service Centers search’, where users can apply various filters and choose relevant locations to find their closest distributor.

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