Astrata redesigns its commercial fleet solution

Astrata redesigns its commercial fleet solution

Astrata has announced it has completely redesigned its web-based commercial fleet solution, FleetVisor, giving existing customers access to the new platform. 

The latest version of the web-based platform for commercial fleets, will offer real time information and complete fleet management via its User Experience (UX).

The new look and feel has been designed to enable users to immediately see where attention is required, and to act quickly. It can also be configured to a company’s specific needs and adjusted based on user profile and preference, whether it’s for a dispatcher or a fleet manager.

FleetVisor aims to provide a clear overview of all trucks and trailers in real time. It enables fleet managers to take full control over fuel consumption, driver hours administration and back-office performance improvement.

It also shows all vehicles’ and drivers’ performance metrics in clear figures and graphics to optimise transport activities and increase operational efficiency.

Specific improvements on the user experience are said to include:

  • No system training being required – user interface and navigation is intuitive
  • Saves time with constantly updated, real-time information, meaning no more time-consuming searches and page refreshes
  • Quick and easy driver communications with 2-way messaging
  • Operations run in a secure environment – data privacy is taken care of
  • It works on all browsers and on desktops, laptops and tablets

Remco de Vijlder, Product Manager at Astrata Europe, said: “Based on user feedback, we have redesigned FleetVisor to ensure users receive information that is relevant for them when they expect it, where they expect it, and the format they expect it in. User feedback is extremely important for us and drives the direction in which FleetVisor is evolving.”

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