Ben offers Physical Health Checks to automotive industry
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Ben offers Physical Health Checks to automotive industry

Ben, the not-for-profit organisation that partners with the automotive industry to provide support for life to its people, is running a ‘Physical Health Checks’ campaign which aims to spotlight the importance of good overall health to a person’s life.

Top searches on Ben’s website relate to healthy lifestyle, diet, getting fit, quitting smoking and returning to work after injury. This is backed up by some recent research, carried out by Ultimate Finance, which said that 84% of transport business owners and managers worry their current work/life balance is having a negative impact on their health and almost half (48%) have found it hard to go to the gym and maintain their health regime. A further third (32%) have found it hard to eat healthily since starting a business and 80% worry about the future and their health due to their work habits, according to the report.

To help those working in the industry get fit and improve their physical health, while preventing bigger issues arising, Ben has launched a programme of physical health checks which help to determine a person’s general physical health.

Each health check lasts 15 minutes and is designed to determine someone’s general physical health via four key tests: resting heart rate, blood pressure, BMI and body fat percentage. Hamerville Media Group, the publishing house behind CVW, was among the first companies to take part.

Physical Health ChecksFollowing the tests, participants were handed a booklet containing their results and providing data to enable them to compare their test results to national health guidelines and gain a clear understanding of their current health. The booklets also contained information and practical tips on how to improve their health and wellbeing.

One participant commented: “The session was great and I found it quite interesting to gain a better understanding of what can affect the various health indicators. Some of the figures will certainly make me more aware of what to look out for when planning meals.”

Another added: “The Nurse that ran the session was very professional, while keeping a light-hearted approach, which provided me with reassurance. The readings were taking efficiently and the explanations were clear and concise.

“Although I am fairly well aware of my health, it was handy to see these results in black-and-white. The session has motivated me to continue with the exercise I already take. It also reminded me to pay further attention other elements of my lifestyle including stress-levels and diet.”

“I found it very informative and was interested to realise that we have to think about the inside of our bodies and not what we can see in the mirror”, said another.

The health checks have been priced competitively and, as Ben is a not-for-profit organisation and charity, all surplus will go back into funding services for the industry.

For more information about what Ben can offer your business, or about the Physical Health Checks themselves, visit or email

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