Bilstein adds EVO S suspension to the VW Caddy

Bilstein adds EVO S suspension to the VW Caddy

The VW Caddy is known for being an all-rounder if slightly dull looking. But not any longer as Bilstein adds a bit of sparkle and muscle to this popular workhorse. CVW casts an eye over the finished article.

The Caddy is known as a particularly versatile vehicle in Volkswagen’s product range. In its fifth incarnation (type SB), the all-rounder is regarded as a reliable if dull van, the size of a passenger car. It is very popular with trade professionals. Now with BILSTEIN EVO S suspension, the new VW Caddy 5 SB looks a whole lot more dynamic and sportier and the new setup is more than just cosmetic.

Bilstein adds to the popular VW Caddy - EVO S suspension

The new BILSTEIN EVO S coilover suspension allows for significant lowering of 30 to 50mm. Along with the facelift, the stepless and individual lowering ensures that tyres and wheel arch are matching – no dragging, no problems. This complements the modern design of the panel van, making it look fresher, muscular and more aggressive.

Bilstein adds to the popular VW Caddy - EVO S suspension

The handling is also more dynamic. The previous leaf springs from earlier generations have been replaced by a modern coil spring design. This resulted in better ride comfort and noticeably better vehicle dynamics. In addition, the rear axle was adjusted to offer the familiar Caddy safety feeling bringing increased agility in all load conditions and best-possible ride comfort.

However, the Caddy’s full potential is only reached with the BILSTEIN EVO S coilover suspension. In addition to the attractive lowering, the VW Caddy with EVO S suspension offers excellent cornering performance. Thanks to the lower stance, the suspension not only reduces weight transfer in bends, but also allows faster speeds in the corner and reduced load-cycle reactions. Moreover, the sport suspension improves directional stability and provides much better feedback through the steering wheel.

Bilstein adds to the popular VW Caddy -EVO S suspension

When the BILSTEIN EVO S was developed for the VW Caddy, the focus was, as always, on maximum comfort. The coilover suspension does not only perform better, but also offers a firmer ride than the original equipment. The EVO S impresses with its comfort even on longer trips, a consequence of being tested, evaluated and refined in road tests on different road surfaces and on the test bench.

The performance suspension also scores in terms of quality. The special zinc-nickel coating ensures high-quality corrosion protection on all BILSTEIN EVO performance coilovers.

Bilstein adds to the popular VW Caddy

Whatever you think of the mainstream Caddy, the VW Caddy with BILSTEIN EVO S delivers a brilliant performance with a sporty look and outstanding driving dynamics, while remaining reliable, comfortable and suitable for everyday use.

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