Braking, Assured

Braking, Assured

Roadlink says that the ‘Brake Assured’ symbol has been a permanent feature on its brake shoes since 2000. Until this time, there was no national standard for the quality of this important component. CVW looks at why it remains a key part of the company’s business and product supply…

What is Brake Assured?

Relined brake shoes are a safety critical component. To reline a brake shoe takes considerable expertise and investment in training and machinery, in addition to adherence to health and safety legislation and COSHH regulations.

The Brake Assured Scheme sets the highest standards for the remanufacture of relined brake shoes and only brake shoe re-lining companies that can meet these stringent quality standards in every aspect of their production are authorised to use the Brake Assured logo.

The symbol is said to guarantee to customers that brake shoes are fully remanufactured to the highest quality standards. Every batch of Roadlink exchange brake shoes carries a unique serial number, which allows for total product traceability.

How does it work?

Independent inspectors accredit brake relining operations against a set of standards and procedures. Roadlink’s brake shoe reline operation is approved to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 environmental standards and claims to be first in the UK to achieve the coveted Brake Assured status.

Who’s involved?

The scheme is backed by the SMMT, IAAF and the road safety charity. Roadlink claims to offer more than 200 part numbers and 7,000 Brake Assured exchange shoes to suit all types of truck, trailer and PCV applications. Most references are also available in the company’s own RF8000 and RF8001 materials combining high performance and long service life.

What are the benefits?

The company says that buying a Brake Assured product means vehicle operators don’t have to worry about safety, security value for money or professionalism. As a result, operators enjoy reduced warranty claims, fewer accidents and compliance with the health and safety legislation.

The production process

Roadlink adheres to a production process for relining brake shoes, which includes a thorough inspection that is undertaken after each stage.

1. The worn brake shoe is received;
2. The shoe is de-riveted and the lining removed;
3. The shoe is shot blasted;
4. The shoe platform is linished;
5. The shoe is painted using a corrosion resistant paint;
6. New linings are aligned against the show surface;
7. New linings are fitted;
8. The shoe has passed all quality checks and is branded

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