Brembo introduces its Prime brake pads for CVs

Brembo introduces its Prime brake pads for CVs

CVW talks to braking leader Brembo about how the integrated OE expertise in its newly introduced Prime brake pads pays dividends for CV operators, drivers and workshops.

As a long-standing, world-leading innovator of brake technology for vehicles of all kinds, Brembo has a proven track record for both its top-quality original equipment braking systems and its advanced aftermarket replacement parts ranges. This year, that expertise is delivering even more safety, comfort and durability across the heavy-duty aftermarkets, thanks to the introduction of Brembo’s Prime brake pads – a new, all-makes range specifically designed for commercial vehicle air brakes, with many references featuring premium, ProTecS technology from the world of OE.

Excellence for everyone

Initially unveiled at Motortec and Automechanika in 2022 and now available to order, the introduction represents Brembo’s first replacement brake pads dedicated to commercial vehicles. The range complements the company’s existing CV aftermarket solutions, which already include Prime brake discs and calipers.

According to the company the inclusion of the CV pads was a clear market need: to create a tough, reliable pad collection able to withstand the enormous, repetitive thermomechanical stresses that every heavy vehicle braking system experiences. Applying many of the technologies devised and patented by the group’s research and development centre, Brembo’s expert engineers designed more than 60 Prime brake pad references that together match the needs of 95% of Europe’s commercial fleets. This means their applications span every category in the CV aftermarket, including light vehicles up to six tonnes, medium vehicles between six and 16 tonnes and heavy vehicles over 16 tonnes, not to mention buses, tractors, trailers and semi-trailers.

Brembo unveils Prime brake pads for the CV aftermarket

The concept

As Brembo customers of all kinds have come to expect, the pioneering technology behind everything the company produces is founded on more than 60 years of OE parts and systems know-how, developed for top vehicle manufacturers and racing teams worldwide. With all that experience now channelled into its Prime brake pads for the CV aftermarket – each one 100% made in Europe – commercial vehicle drivers can rely on secure, responsive, reliable stopping power on every journey.

Helping to enhance brake disc performance in even the toughest road and weather conditions, each Prime brake pad comprises a blend of 30, carefully selected components. The range offers 18, varying friction materials to ensure a longer braking life. Topping each pad is a coating treatment which results in a special surface layer, which minimises braking distances during the running-in period – guaranteeing 100% braking efficiency from the start. Conveniently, the pads also come supplied with all the necessary accessories for fast, complete and safe braking system replacement.

Brembo unveils Prime brake pads for the CV aftermarket

Another feature of 19 of the new Prime brake pads is ProTecS, a clever, OE technology conceived for Brembo by Knorr-Bremse to provide extra pad guidance and efficiency. The Prime brake pads cover a wide range of applications amongst others of Scania, MAN, DAF, IVECO, Mercedes, SAF. By safely connecting the brake pad back plate to the pad holder spring by a welded hood, the spring’s elasticity deploys accurately each time the brake is pressed, as well as guiding the pad to the correct position. This increases the pad’s life expectancy, especially on rough roads. In addition, the brake pad slides back more easily from contact with the brake disc, reducing pad wear when the brake is released. The ProTecS system even avoids the risk of re-using worn springs.

Matching pads and discs

Why is the advanced, disc-friendly construction of Brembo’s brake pads so important? The reason is that overall braking efficiency greatly depends on optimising the interaction between the brake pads and discs. It is imperative that both components work together effectively to slow down the vehicle whenever required.

Brembo unveils Prime brake pads for the CV aftermarket

Recognising this, Brembo has always taken an integrated approach to the design and fit of its pads and discs. Decades of specialist research and testing both at its Friction Laboratory in Italy and in real road conditions has confirmed that brake pads matched with brake discs collectively developed by the same, OE quality manufacturer, can achieve superior braking performance than pads and discs from different makers. As a result, not only are all Brembo brake pads and discs always devised in combination – but importantly, their overall slowing, stopping and wear performance is also tested and perfected together.

Better for workshops

Unsurprisingly, this thorough technical approach pays dividends well beyond the road itself: the CV workshop professionals who order and install Brembo Prime brake pads also benefit from a host of advantages. With such deep commercial vehicle parc coverage achieved with relatively few references, stock should be rapidly available from the distributor. Brembo’s inclusion of the complete, in-the-box accessories kit ensures quick, hassle-free installation, while the pads’ design means easier wear monitoring during later servicing.

Offering further peace of mind, the OE technical excellence built into the new range also guarantees that every Brembo Prime brake pad has ECE R90 approval and meets the highest quality standards.

Thanks to the integrated, OE quality pad and disc system delivered by Brembo Prime, commercial vehicle fleet owners, workshops and drivers themselves can be assured of safe, reliable air braking performance across every driving mile.

Design insight

Brembo’s Prime brake pads for commercial vehicles feature unique design characteristics that deliver exceptionally efficient, safe braking. The pads contain around 30 different components. A backing plate and a premium metal shim reduce noise and enhance safety. The pads also feature a special coating treatment surface layer to minimise running in and any loss of brake power.

Visual showing Prime brake pad design explosion – from Prime brake pad video:

Brembo unveils Prime brake pads for the CV aftermarket

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