HMG Paints reveals latest coating

HMG Paints reveals latest coating

Fancy giving your workshop a new look? Then HMG Paints new coating, HydroPro floor paint, might be just the job.

This water-based paint is designed to transform floor finishing with its crosslinking formulation that ensures exceptional durability and superior finish for both internal and external applications. The paint uses formula that combines the strength of cross-linking technology with the convenience of waterbased application. This innovation results in a tough, hard-wearing mid-sheen finish that’s ideal for garages and workshop environments. Once cured, HydroPro becomes resistant to oils, grease, and light industrial traffic, providing a long-lasting solution.

One of the standout features of the new coating, according to the company, is its remarkable fast drying times, allowing multiple coat application within a single day. This not only expedites the painting process but also minimises downtime, enabling quicker project completion.

Available in a range of stock colours including light grey, mid grey, dark grey, yellow, tile red, and mid blue, floor areas can be tailored to specific zones. Each colour is available in a convenient 5-litre size, ensuring ample coverage.

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