Centrad launches campaign for road safety

Centrad launches campaign for road safety

UK vehicle CCTV and telematics suppliers Centrad has embarked on a campaign to revolutionise road safety by launching its latest product, Drivers Guardian.

It features a driver facing camera system that utilises the power of artificial intelligence to identify and analyse dangerous driving behaviours that are likely to lead to accidents while on the road. Through harnessing AI, the system can instantly detect unsafe behaviours such as not wearing a seatbelt, drowsy driving, using a mobile phone, along with several other forms of distracted driving habits. In the event such behaviours are detected, drivers will be notified with an audible safety warning through the built-in speaker to promote safe driving.

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Fleet managers also have the option of receiving real-time alerts notifying them of incidents. Furthermore, operators can access historical footage of harsh driving to review and enhance driver behaviour as well as utilise key metrics to encourage best practice. The Drivers Guardian camera can be used as standalone camera or can integrate with Centrad’s range of mobile DVRs for full 360° coverage of the vehicle supporting up to 11 other cameras.

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