Sovereign Speed acquires Cool Liner from Krone

Sovereign Speed acquires Cool Liner from Krone

Independent and neutral logistics provider, Sovereign Speed, is getting into the temperature-controlled transport sector with the acquisition of a high specification multi-temp’ Cool Liner trailer from Krone.

The Cool Liner is equipped to carry most perishable goods, and says Sovereign, is suitable for pharmaceutical products. Accordingly, the high volume ‘Mega’ fridge trailer comes with twin evaporators and Krone’s KSC Pro-plus telematics system.

“Real time monitoring and precise temperature control is vital for the correct handling of all temperature sensitive products, especially pharmaceuticals – a sector which we are now able to serve,” says Ellis Blackham, business development manager. “With Krone’s telematics, we have remote real-time information regarding the load temperature, at every stage of the journey.”

Plus, Ellis explains, the telematics system monitors and records general data such as door openings, brake status, fridge fuel level and coupling status – which enables immediate corrective action if needed.

Sovereign Speed acquires Cool Liner from Krone

“This sophisticated level of performance control allows us to guarantee efficient load protection for customers throughout the cold chain.”

With an internal clearance of 2.8m and designed for ferry operation, the Cool Liner has a 980 mm fifth wheel height, for 4m EU operation and couples to tractors with a 1150mm ride height for the UK. A two-tonne capacity, retractable tail lift is also fitted.

“This flexibility means we can service routes anywhere in the UK, Ireland and Europe,” says Ellis. “We now run a dedicated Ireland service and operate within T2 transit procedures (whereby goods maintain EU customs status) and where needed, can connect from key airports with 16 Sovereign Speed stations in Europe, including Ireland and the Nordic states.

“This is our first venture into the temperature-controlled sector, but we also use a number of other Krone trailers for ambient work. Its team is expert when it comes to recommending the right equipment for the job and in our view, the trailer technology is second to none.”

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