Comply with me

Comply with me

Eminox gives an insight into the complexities behind emissions compliance, and discusses how its DPF range can provide workshops with a cost-effective solution to a DPF-related problem.

Before it is introduced to the market, every new vehicle sold in the UK and Europe has to pass the European Community (EC) Whole Vehicle Type Approval legislation. This certifies that the vehicle, its components, and the manufacturing facility it was built in meet or exceed all required safety and environmental limits. This includes compliance with emissions regulations, such as the Euro VI legislation mandated by clean air zones (CAZs) and the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

Type-approval regulations also apply to replacement parts that are seen as critical to the health and safety of pedestrians and vehicle occupants. They must undergo the same independent testing and certification process to ensure they function within acceptable margins. Fitting non-approved components, whether light bulbs or exhaust parts, is illegal in both the UK and Europe.

Fitting parts with type-approval certification also has the advantage that it doesn’t affect any outstanding manufacturer’s warranties under the EC Block Exemption Regulation (BER). This means that fleet managers and workshops can choose what parts to fit, while staying legal, rather than being tied to the OEM dealer network. Every type-approved part should have an “E” mark stamped, printed or etched directly onto it, and the supplier must be able to provide a certificate issued by a Homologation Authority that shows compliance.

Eminox compliance

Ensuring Euro VI emissions compliance and protecting your vehicles

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are central to Euro VI compliance, trapping carcinogenic particles so they don’t enter the atmosphere and reduce air quality. The DPF is a removable, serviceable part that should be checked during servicing to ensure it continues to operate correctly and that no potential failure is looming. All Euro VI after-treatment systems containing DPFs have access covers. Once this cover is removed, the DPF can be pulled out. It is important that the filter is checked to avoid the warning light illuminating and the vehicle potentially being immobilised.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is increasing the number of random roadside checks it makes to ensure that Euro VI vehicles haven’t had their DPFs removed and their emissions are still within the limits. Operating without a DPF is illegal, as is fitting a non-type- approved part.

Eminox compliance

Cost-effective compliance to get you back on the road faster

Until recently, the only option for workshops looking to replace DPFs was to fit those from manufacturers’ dealer networks, which added to their costs. Eminox claims that its aftermarket range provides a more cost-effective alternative. To demonstrate its credentials, Eminox’s SCRT technology has been fitted to over 5,000 vehicles operating across the globe.

The company regards itself as the only non-vehicle manufacturer to supply typeapproved, independently certified DPFs. Provided for some of the most popular heavy-duty Euro VI vehicles, Eminox claims that its range covers over two-thirds of Euro VI heavy-duty commercial vehicles operating across Europe. These include trucks, buses and coaches with engines from Renault/Volvo, DAF, Mercedes, MAN and Scania.

All Eminox DPFs are manufactured in its UK factory. They are independently certified and comply with ISO and TS quality standards. The company’s factory, processes, tooling and quality all meet the tight tolerances of the OEM products that its DPFs replace, and achieve the IATF 16949:2016 standard.Eminox DPFs are produced via an exchange programme, which makes a replacement DPF available at a cost similar to that of cleaning the DPF. Unlike with cleaning the existing DPF, Eminox’s option offers DPFs that are supplied with all the clamps and gaskets required for fast fitment and a two-year/200,000km warranty.

Eminox’s aftermarket DPF range is available exclusively in the UK through CV Logix’s UAN Truck and G-TRUCK commercial vehicle networks. This makes it easy for UK operators to receive ‘like for like’ Eminox DPFs, a benefit that gets their vehicles back on the road in under 24 hours. Products are supplied from

Eminox’s Stoke-on-Trent aftermarket distribution centre, which has received extensive investment to enable it to provide easier next-day service from stock, as well as same-day collection for UK distributors.

Commenting on the relationship, Krysty Sheard, CV Marketing, CV Logix, said, “With clean air zones multiplying, emissions compliance is now crucial for vehicle operators, and Eminox provides a costeffective, certified alternative to expensive OEM DPFs. We’re extremely impressed with its heritage and experience, and how it is applying this to solve a key business problem across the Euro VI vehicle market.”

All of this means workshops can get vehicles back on the road faster, ensure CAZ and ULEZ compliance, and protect companies’ reputations by fitting proven aftermarket DPFs.

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