Brake launches crisis management seminar

Brake launches crisis management seminar

Brake and Alphabet have launched a crisis management seminar for fleet managers to learn more about dealing with the aftermath of a crash involving one of their vehicles.

Following the crisis management training seminar in Manchester last December, Brake has invited fleet professionals to a one-day training session at Farnborough, Hampshire, in March. The session will focus on managing the consequences of a road crash or other sudden, violent vehicle-related event.

Topics covered in the seminar will include managing the costs of a crisis, and the policies and procedures an organisation should have in place to provide appropriate support following a road crash.

The free seminar will be sponsored by Alphabet GB Limited and will take place on Tuesday 3 March at Alphabet’s UK headquarters in Farnborough.

It will be delivered as part of the Global Fleet Champions campaign to prevent crashes and improve air quality resulting from vehicles used for work or business purposes.

Global Fleet Champions is free and shares training, tools and guidance on global fleet safety best practice with its members, as well as networking and development opportunities.

Driving is often said to be one of the most dangerous thing people do at work as it puts them at risk of a fatal or serious road crash. Such collisions can have significant financial, legal and reputational consequences for fleet organisations and managers alike. It is vital that employers are prepared for all scenarios and are aware of the need to respond to these incidents in an effective, timely and compassionate manner. Effective crisis management, and the preparations required ahead of time for all eventualities, are vital means of managing and minimising your risks.

The training covers:

  • Practical and procedural issues following a sudden death or serious injury
  • Possible commercial and legal implications for your organisation
  • How to look after the welfare of all those involved in and affected by the incident
  • The roles and responsibilities of professionals who work with bereaved and injured people
  • What you can do to support affected personnel, and the limitations of your support
  • What you should communicate to other members of staff
  • How to create a crisis response team

David Jones, Communications Manager at Alphabet (GB) Limited, said: “Ensuring employee and public safety, as well as managing your company’s reputational risks, are the concerns which keep fleet professionals up at night. However well-informed you might be, it’s a rapidly changing area – so it’s vitally important to stay up–to-date.

“Which is why Alphabet are pleased to partner with Brake in order to provide a one day course on best practice Crisis Management free of charge to fleet professionals. By raising awareness of organisational responsibilities for those managing fleets and ‘at work drivers’, as well as sharing practical examples and expert insight, we’re helping individuals and businesses better understand their duty of care obligations. Organisations can never completely eliminate risk, but by preparing well and making sure you have robust, developed procedures in place, you can minimise your risks and ensure that should the worst happen the business responds in the correct way.”

The seminar will take place on Tuesday 03 March 2020 at Alphabet GB’s headquarters in Farnborough, Hampshire. Find out more and book your place here.

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