Continental launches tyre maintenance campaign

Continental launches tyre maintenance campaign

Continental Tyres has launched a tyre maintenance awareness campaign for commercial vehicle operators, with the aim of drawing attention to common faults, issues and failures.

The launch comes as the company’s popular in-house training centre, ContiAcademy, announces the reintroduction of its full face-to- face training programme for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Comprising of a series of five short films, the tyre maintenance campaign covers key topics such as getting the best performance from your tyres, how to inspect a tyre, reducing the risk of a blowout and how to correctly regroove a tyre. Many of the hints and tips featured within the videos will be relevant to all operators, irrespective of their current tyre brand.

Steve Howat, general manager for technical services at Continental Tyre Group, said: “As an expert in the commercial vehicle industry, Continental is proud to support hauliers across the UK, by sharing knowledge and best practice. Preventable tyre issues can not only cost fleet operators money, but they can also pose a risk to drivers and public safety.

“These videos will help everyone, no matter the brand of tyre that they use, to reduce the danger posed by a failing tyre, maximise rubber longevity and cut vehicle running costs.”

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