Cris Services Group advocates AES’s Cam-aligner

Cris Services Group advocates AES’s Cam-aligner

AES’s Cam-aligner and heat inductor has helped one company to reduce costs, extend tyre life and reduce vehicle downtime.

Cris Services Group has claimed to reduce workshop costs, extended tyre life and cut vehicle downtime since acquiring a Josam wheel alignment system and portable heat inductor from AES UK. With 40 vehicles carrying wet cement for Hanson UK and a mixed fleet of concrete mixer trucks for hire, the company was eager to improve workshop efficiency and to drive down operation costs such as tyre replacement and fuel. “The equipment we invested in from AES,” says Transport Manager Alin Gabor, “provided the solution for two key challenges: preventing tyre wear caused by mis-aligned wheels and dealing with lengthy workshop procedures when coping with seized nuts and bolts, etc.”

The Cam-aligner is a digital wheel alignment system that, according to Alin, enables Cris Services to carry out on-the-spot checks and rectifications without the need to book into a third party. He explains: “The equipment is fully portable and uses advanced camera technology to establish the true chassis centre line of the vehicle. With only a half turn of the wheel, it determines any toe, camber and out- of-square measurements.” Wireless technology then transmits the data from the calibration equipment to the computer and a diagram on screen shows exactly where the issues lie and what corrective action needs to be taken.

Cris AES cam-aligner

As for the heater, Alin concludes: “This little piece of equipment scores high in terms of safety, while enabling us to speed up routine maintenance and repair work such as seized up ball joints, chassis screws, casings and wheel nuts.” The AES HI 3.5 uses electrically generated heat, which means the operator and workplace are not exposed to open flame, hot gases and the risk of fire or explosion. Furthermore, the system is lightweight and water-cooled.

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