HELLA introduces its auxiliary lights

HELLA introduces its auxiliary lights

HELLA introduces its latest auxiliary lights, that are ideal for off-road applications and have won awards in the USA.

This Black Magic LED series has a high light output of up to 15,000 lumens and are ideal for off-road applications, having already received two awards in the USA for best new product. The dustproof and waterproof housing and robust construction is specially designed for off-road applications.

The auxiliary lights are available as Cubes, Lightbars and Mini-Lightbars and depending on the variant, they aim to provide outstanding off-road illumination with up to 15,000 lumens. A specially developed reflector ensures homogeneous illumination and the integrated thermal management system aims to ensure adaptation to the ambient temperature, thus providing optimal light output and a longer lifetime of the LEDs. Available in floodlight or spotlight versions, the series can be mounted vertically or in a suspended manner, or they can be integrated into the bodywork or bumper.

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