Delphi shares how to profit from diagnostic tools

Delphi shares how to profit from diagnostic tools

Get properly equipped with Delphi’s diagnostic tools, if you want to profit from diagnosis and repair, advises Luke Garret, UK & Nordics technical services manager at Delphi Technologies.

While many diagnostic tools may claim extensive coverage, you should really look at the breadth and depth of application coverage to ensure they’re able to cater for today’s rapidly advancing commercial vehicle parc.

Certain diagnostic tools will claim extensive vehicle coverage, but in fact will only diagnose limited systems within them. Make sure that you look closely at the level of coverage provided.

For example, Delphi’s BlueTech vehicle communication interface (VCI), together with Delphi’s DS software for trucks, trailers and buses, gives workshops access to more than 70 brands, 675 models and 16,000 unique system selections.

Research, review, repair

It offers a number of built-in features for quick, easy and accurate diagnostics and repair, including Intelligent System Scan, Intelligent System Identification, help files with step-by-step instructions, a report function and its latest addition, a diagnostic fault code search function.

With growing pressure to boost workshop efficiency and minimise vehicle downtime, choosing a tool that’s intuitive to use is an important factor too. Being able to search for fault code supporting information without being connected to the vehicle, and determine whether it’s a critical issue, or if the vehicle can go on the road, is hugely useful.

In addition to reading and erasing fault codes, Delphi’s VCI also allows technicians to reset adaptations for key systems such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), air mass meter and electronic brake system (EBS), perform dosing tests, regenerate the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system and calibrate suspension levels.

Just as important as having the right kit is knowing how to use it. We’re all aware of the exponential pace of change but it can be challenging to keep up with the new systems and procedures that are filtering into the market. It’s why we’re offering a complete diagnostic solution, going much further than simply providing the tool.

Delphi shares how to profit from its diagnostic tools

Guided diagnostics

Delphi provides free e-learning diagnostic courses for software licence holders, arming technicians with a complete understanding of the very latest diagnostic procedures including Security Gateway and Pass Thru.

Workshops using the BlueTech VCI benefit from an automated security gateway process, enabling technicians to seamlessly service security-protected vehicles whilst DTC-assist functionality offers guided diagnostic assistance. It also delivers extremely fast scan times for an extensive range of diagnostic interrogations with multiple CAN channels, integrated Diagnostics over Internet Protocol (DoIP) and CAN FD protocol, which is expected to become much more relevant in the coming years.

Profitable route

As vans and trucks continue to become more technically advanced, workshops should opt for a diagnostic provider with proven capability in state-of-the-art commercial vehicle engine management and powertrain control technologies. Thanks to its OE pedigree, Delphi knows how these vehicles work and what it takes to get them back on the road when they don’t.

With the right tools and know-how to diagnose and repair them, the opportunity to tap into the growing commercial market looks particularly lucrative.

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