Pro-Align launches automated wheel balancer

Pro-Align launches automated wheel balancer

Wheel servicing specialist, Pro-Align, has launched a new automated wheel balancer for heavy duty commercial vehicles. CVW has a sneak preview.

It’s a big claim but the HD Elite from workshop equipment specialist, Hunter, has been designed to solve even the toughest of wheel related vibration issues, while helping to increase tyre life and reduce driver fatigue.

Compared to traditional wheel balancers, the HD Elite’s automated process reduces operator error and, importantly, speeds up the balancing service, making it suitable for commercial vehicle workshops working on larger vehicles, such as HGVs, buses and coaches. However, the balancer works with tyre sizes up to 52 inches and can lift up to an impressive 227kg, making it a great choice for those workshops servicing both light and heavier commercial vehicles as well.

Designed with technicians in mind, the HD Elite has an intuitive touchscreen interface, including features to help workshops use their time and money in the most efficient way, such as ‘SmartWeight’, which optimises and reduces the weights needed to accurately balance commercial vehicle wheels.

According to Clive Seabrook, CEO, Pro-Align the new HD Elite is an exceptional diagnostic system and he’s excited to be bringing it to workshops in the UK and Ireland. “The system is quick, easy to use and more accurate than less sophisticated options.

Pro-Align launches automated wheel balancer

It’s highly beneficial for workshop efficiency and reducing vehicle maintenance times, but more importantly, minimising troublesome wheel vibration issues.”

The balancer uses laser technology and a diagnostic load roller to solve vibrations by measuring the entire wheel contact patch for accurate results.

Seabrook explains: “Excessive wheel vibration is often considered nothing more than an inconvenience for fleet operators but if left untreated can actually cause serious health issues for drivers, such as repetitive strain and back injuries.

“With the HD Elite, tyre rollout issues can be minimised to help significantly reduce wheel vibration, safeguarding drivers and increasing overall tyre life in the process.” Sounds like a good result all round.

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