Freeway Makes the Omnibus Connection

Freeway Makes the Omnibus Connection

Freeway Fleet Systems has completed integration with Omnibus passenger transport software.

Freeway’s software manages vehicle maintenance and compliance, with Omnibus optimising and managing operations. The integration provides bus operations complete visibility of vehicles in terms of availability, outstanding defects, recently completed work and compliance status. It is thought to be the first development of its type in the UK bus industry.

Both Freeway and Omnibus are used extensively by UK bus operators and the development provides real-time and two-way data transfer between Freeway and Omnibus to provide benefits to both operations and engineering. Operations can now plan routes and assign buses with full visibility of the status of every vehicle, making it easier to plan their operations with fewer last minute changes to schedules.

The integration includes connection to Omnibus clocking-in terminals, allowing workshop staff to clock-in in the same way as drivers and other staff; something that was previously not possible. This provides visibility from within Freeway of the arrival of workshop staff for optimal work allocation.

“For bus operators, the seamless integration of fleet management and operations software represents the Holy Grail in system development; the final missing link in the information chain,” says Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway. “No longer do operations managers need to call the workshop to find out what’s going on – everything they need to know such as when a vehicle is booked in for a service, what defects need fixing and when, are all visible within Omnibus.”

Freeway’s all-in-one software simplifies the management of bus and coach fleets, and assets.

Freeway handles all compliance requirements, including Earned Recognition, and offers paperless solutions using tablets and smartphones for mobile working in the workshop and beyond. In addition to the Omnibus integration, Freeway can freely interchange data with ticketing and accounts systems as well as external manufacturer and parts supplier systems.

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