Haulage contractor purchases trailers from Krone

Haulage contractor purchases trailers from Krone

Family business, Brian Whincup and Sons, has taken delivery of three curtainsider trailers from Krone, that enable it to operate to maximum load capacity within UK and European vehicle height and length regulations.

With a 5th wheel height of 1175mm, the Profi Liners come with a bespoke ‘Norwegian’ chassis design whereby the axles and landing legs are set back around 25cm to accommodate a 3.1m wheelbase tractor with tag axle, thereby remaining within the overall Euro vehicle length limit of 16.5m.

For maximum volume and loading height, and to comply with UK and European height limits, the Profi Liners are fitted with a lifting, sliding roof which allows operation in the UK at 4150m and in Europe at 4m.

The lifting roof raises 500mm above the lowest set operating position (for loading and unloading clearance) and can operate and run at three, set height positions (in 50mm increments). The curtain is fitted with Velcro to the inner surface, allowing the excess to be folded away easily when the roof is in the lowered position.

The full specification also includes polished alloy wheels, reinforced parking brakes on all three axles and a 40l air tank for additional air volume. High intensity illumination is provided by Krone multi-functional rear LED clusters with additional reversing and working lights.

“We bought our first Krone trailers in 2006,” says director, Tom Whincup, “and owing to its exceptional quality and versatile design, the equipment has become our default choice. Krone trailers easily handle the rigours of a demanding operation, are uniquely versatile and look fresh and strong after many years of operation. The build quality is second to none.”

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