HMG Paints launches water-based rust converter

HMG Paints launches water-based rust converter

HMG Paints is relaunching Ferrozinc, a water-based rust converter, that offers both high performance and ease of use, says the company, claiming also that Ferrozinc is the goto solution for rust conversion in areas where shot blasting, or complete rust removal is impractical or impossible.

Traditionally, rust removal has been a laborious and time-consuming process, involving hours of wire brushing or the use of strong acidic chemicals that pose significant safety hazards. Now users only need to remove loose debris and poorly adhered surface rust, followed by a degreasing step to eliminate any contamination that may interfere with the chemical reaction. Afterward, a thin coat of Ferrozinc is applied to the rusted area, and within 30 minutes, the surface transforms into a black/navy colour, indicating the successful rust conversion. Any excess product can be easily wiped off, and after just three hours, the treated surface is ready to be overcoated with the user’s preferred coating system.

Ferrozinc’s water-based formulation not only provides excellent rust conversion properties but is also low odour, making it a more pleasant and user-friendly option compared to solvent-based alternatives. The product is now available in a handy new 250ml can as well as its current one and five litre quantities.

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