IMS Group introduces air suspension system

IMS Group introduces air suspension system

As the sole distributor of SAF-Holland in the UK, Ben McEvoy of IMS Group explains the introduction of the company’s Intradisc air suspension systems and the effect it could have on the market.

The Intra family of SAF axles offers the most flexible solution for transport operators looking to minimise the whole-life costs of their trailer fleets. The versatility of the Intra range means that air suspension systems can be accurately specified to meet the exact needs of individual operators and their intended applications. Intra was designed to feature a lower component count than others to ease servicing, helping to make SAF Intra a favourite amongst service technicians and operators alike.

Whilst the tried and tested Intradrum continues to remain very popular within the UK commercial transport community, there is a slow and steady rise in the number of operators seriously considering SAFHolland’s disc alternatives when fully assessing trailer brake options. The ratio of tractors to trailers within fleets is often a factor influencing the decision whether to specify drums or discs for trailer braking.

It is accepted that discs are better working regularly rather than stood idle, whereas drums are more forgiving if left inactive for extended periods. So, within tipper/tanker fleets where the tractor/trailer ratio is typically closer to 1:1, a stronger case can be made for discs as they will be fully utilised in this scenario.

IMS Group introduces Intradisc air suspension systems

Ben McEvoy, Sales & Marketing Manager for IMS Group, comments: “SAFHolland has long been aware that in delivery and distribution, every kilo counts, which is why they’ve worked consistently on developing payload-optimised axles right across the Intra family, including the unique Intradisc plus Integral.

“Utilising more advanced braking technology, disc brakes are lighter than their drum equivalents, and it’s also widely acknowledged that discs can offer higher and more consistent braking torque than drums.”

He continues: “The company’s latest development of the Intradisc plus Integral axle and weight-relieved disc brake caliper together reduce the weight by 24kg on a triaxle trailer, which is not insignificant. But importantly, none of this weight saving is made at the expense of performance, longevity, or safety.”

SAF-Holland currently offers two Intra disc-equipped axle/suspension derivatives: Intradisc AirVent and Intradisc plus Integral. SAF works hand-in-glove with leading brake manufacturers in order to provide a choice of calipers for each of the Intradisc products to accommodate the preferences of operators, their service partners, and workshop technicians.

IMS Group introduces Intradisc air suspension systems

The SAF SBS2220HO, developed with Haldex, and Knorr-Bremse SK7 are now joined by the Knorr-Bremse ST7 (SBS2220KO) – a two-piston air disc brake caliper, specifically developed for trailers.

Knorr-Bremse has introduced several significant developments in the ST7, which is now one of the lightest two-piston brakes for 22.5-inch wheels on the market.

Knorr-Bremse has introduced several significant developments in the ST7 which is now one of the lightest two-piston brakes for 22.5-inch wheels on the market. Modifications to the calipers, carrier, and pads have brought a 10% weight reduction compared to its predecessor, the SK7. The proven two-piston principle prevents uneven wear so that the pad material wears uniformly even in the toughest applications.

Ben McEvoy concludes: “SAF and Knorr-Bremse have a long-standing, highly productive relationship, and given the effort they’ve jointly invested in the ST7 to deliver meaningful economic and operational advantages, I think that we’ll see far more Intradisc equipped with ST7s on the road in the near future.”

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