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Keep it simple

Commercial vehicle workshops can choose between different options when looking for suitable diagnostics equipment. Here, CVW looks into Bosch Automotive’s KTS Truck offering.

As technical systems in commercial vehicles become more complex, technicians require more advice and higher quality solutions to any faults that may occur. KTS Truck is a diagnostic module specifically for commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, trailers, buses and off highway vehicles such as tractors, harvesters and construction vehicles. It can also be connected to the Bosch DCU range and all common laptops/PCs via the USB port.

Bosch offers the KTS Truck control unit tester with the associated ESI[tronic] software package. This software contains data on the majority of commercial vehicles currently available on the European market. In addition to control unit diagnosis, the software features technical information such as circuit diagrams, service and repair instructions, and system information, as well as spare parts catalogues. Housed in a sturdy casing, it includes an integrated Bluetooth connection with a large range of up to 100m.

ESI[tronic] 2.0 Truck diagnostic software

Whether it is ABS, TCS, EBS, EAC or the electronic clutch – today’s workshops have to deal with both safety systems and modifications designed for driver comfort. The workshop software ESI[tronic] Truck saves the user crucial time during a service. It allows all error codes to be deleted at once by a single click, instead of having to delete them all one by one. In addition, the system now also displays the state of the fault, differentiating between active and passive error notifications. If supported by the vehicle, it also shows data environment conditions.

With the complexity of diagnostics processes required for new vehicles, the more precise the graphic presentation of the analysed system, the better. This is particularly important for troubleshooting on Denox, AdBlue and common rail systems. The ESI[tronic] software includes a new glossary of all terms and abbreviations used by the system, accessible through the main menu, so that instructions are easier to follow and understand.


KTS Truck and the DCU 220 industrial laptop

The KTS Truck diagnostic tester can be combined with a diagnostic control unit (DCU 220). Two lithium-ion batteries enable mobile deployment of the DCU 220 in the workshop or during test drives. With its 11.6″ touch-screen monitor, the device is simple and easy to use, and it allows switching between tablet and notebook modes for easier operation.

Multi-function industrial laptops such as the DCU 220 are ideal for the tough workshop environment, and regular users will be familiar with the advantages of having touch-screen operation integrated into a low-weight and quick response tool. The housing of the Bosch Digital Control Unit is a magnesium alloy (DCU 220), whilst rubberised handles ensure safe working. In a workshop setting, it is usually used as a tablet computer but can easily be turned into a notebook with a keyboard. At the same time, the device – equipped with ESI[tronic] 2.0 infotype Truck – serves as a control centre for the Bosch diagnostic systems.

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