Working and driving lights

Working and driving lights

Osram has recently released a range of LED working and driving lights.

The lights are available in three categories: functional, multifunctional and slim, all of which offer a variety of performances, shapes and beam patterns with various illumination profiles including: spot, wide and combo. The LEDriving CUBE MX85-SP and -WD versions are the working lights of the Multifunctional Series that combine two LED lighting performances: working light and the stylish ‘X’ shape light. The CUBE MX85 is available in an SP version and a WD version. These two products only work with 12V application.

LEDriving LIGHTBAR MX140-WD is also part of the Multifunctional Series, which can be used with 12V and 24V applications. The LEDriving LIGHTBAR MX140-SP is an ECE compliant working light of the Multifunctional Series. LEDriving LIGHTBAR FX250-SP and
-CB versions are part of the Functional Series and are characterised by a fully ECE compliant auxiliary high beam. And finally, LEDriving LIGHTBAR SX180-SP, SX300-SP and SX500-SP are all part of the Slim Series.

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