Keep on rolling

Keep on rolling

Light commercial vehicle (LCV) tyres are subjected to a huge amount of wear and tear, which makes it all the more important to have proper tyre maintenance procedures in place. Yokohama recently released a new van tyre that, coupled with regular maintenance checks, has the potential to cope with the stresses of LCV life.

Van and other LCVs are among the busiest vehicles on the roads, covering long distances over extensive hours. Yokohama provides tyres to meet the demands of these hardworking vehicles, and its current BluEarth- Van RY55 and W*Drive WY01 offerings have been developed to give fleet operators confidence in the product.

However, fitting tyres of a suitable quality is only part of the solution. Tyre maintenance should also be high up on the list of any transport operator and workshop. With timesensitive logistics and safety at stake, it is all the more important that correct procedures for tyre checks are in place, not only to ensure that tyres are road legal and safe for use, but also to prevent costly vehicle downtime.

There are a number of tyre maintenance processes and checks to consider. Regardless of the type of vehicle, tyre pressure should be monitored to minimize and reduce potential inconsistent wear patterns. In addition, wheel alignment should be regularly checked to get the most out of the tyre’s useful lifespan.

For vehicles carrying out multi-drop deliveries, the urban environment brings its own set of tyre damage risks. Regularly mounting or scuffing kerbs, navigating side streets and inconsistent road surfaces, including potholes, can lead to cuts and damage to the sidewall. A visual check around the vehicle can quickly determine a tyre’s current condition. Fuel efficiency is another factor for workshops to consider, and selecting tyres with low rolling resistance will help to improve fuel savings, ensuring more time between refuelling and, ultimately, lower fuel bills.

Yokohama’s newest van tyre, the BluEarth-Van RY55, takes these requirements into account. The company insists the range provides long mileage, high durability and excellent wet grip. Available in all popular van fitment sizes from 14-17”, it is ideally suited to many LCV applications.

Tyre tips

  • To keep tyres in a good condition, check a vehicle manufacturer’s handbook for the correct loading pressures, capabilities and any other related specifications
  • Carry out daily visual inspections, checking tyre pressure, tread depth and removing any objects lodged in between the tread grooves
  • Ensure your fleet has a regular maintenance schedule and check maintenance logs to ensure vehicles are ready for the road.

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