FTA announces series of Brexit workshops

FTA announces series of Brexit workshops

Ahead of Brexit, the FTA has launched a series of free half-day workshops, to provide hauliers with the information they need to keep their EU-UK operations running as smoothly as possible.

These workshops will take place throughout September and October 2019 in venues across the UK. They will be funded by the Department for Transport (DfT), which has chosen FTA to help educate hauliers on the new procedures and trading conditions under a No Deal Brexit.

John Lucy, Manager – International Transport & Trade Procedures at FTA, commented: “With the UK and EU yet to reach an agreement on their future trading relationship, it is vital goods vehicle operators are as prepared as possible for a No Deal Brexit on 31 October 2019.

“In this scenario, new border procedures and haulier responsibilities will come into effect immediately. Hauliers must ensure they fully understand the new road haulage procedures, documentation requirements and responsibilities that will arise after 31 October 2019; otherwise, they risk their operations coming to a standstill.

“While we are still waiting for clarification from government on several points – such as UK tariff regimes in the medium term – goods vehicle operators must ensure they have done everything in their power to prepare for the challenging times ahead: starting with these workshops.”

Keith Gray, FTA’s General Manager for Training, Audits and Standards, added: “As the most influential business organisation in the logistics sector, FTA is the natural choice to deliver such a vital programme of workshops. I strongly encourage all goods vehicle operators – whether FTA members or not – to attend a free workshop. Enquire now to secure your place.”

More than 100 free workshops will take place at locations across the UK, including Belfast, London and Coventry, throughout September and October 2019.

For more information, or to book your place on a free workshop, visit www.fta.co.uk/brexitworkshopsPR.

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