Laser Tools reveals E‐clip installation tool

Laser Tools reveals E‐clip installation tool

Installing an E or Ctype clip can be fiddly and awkward sometimes especially if access is difficult. Wouldn’t it be good to have a tool that would hold the clip securely for you while you place it in position and push it into place? Laser Tools has just the job.

Its new Eclip installation tool (part number 8438) is designed for just that. Suitable for use with for ‘E’ and ‘C’ type clips, it includes a magnetic clip holder together with an ergonomic handle that features a poundthrough design allowing for the end of the tool to be struck with a small hammer to help push the clip into position on the shaft. The compact design allows better access options on difficult to reach clip grooves.

Use by hand or tap with a hammer, it might just become your goto tool when installing E or C clips.

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