Launch introduces its PRO 5 HD+ equipment

Launch introduces its PRO 5 HD+ equipment

Technicians specialising in heavy commercial vehicles (CVs) can bolster their portfolio with Launch Tech UK’s new PRO 5 HD+ equipment.

Following continuous innovation and software development across Europe, the US and Asia, the company has designed the equipment with extensive coverage of global heavy commercial vehicles and systems.

The PRO 5 HD+ offers a “faster, smoother experience”, developed on the foundations of the latest Launch PRO 5 diagnostic equipment on the reliable Android 9.0 operating system. Diagnostic functions include read and clear codes, view live data streams, bi-directional control, and actuation tests.

The Launch HD Box 3, an additional module for car-based tools, is available to use with the PRO 4, PRO 5, and Euro Tab II and III, and is an add-on module for customers working with heavy CVs. It enables technicians using this range of tools to perform comprehensive diagnostics on a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles, including trailer ABS systems, Cummings, Detroit Diesel, and Caterpillar engines. The PRO 5 HD+ links up with HD Box 3 using 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band communication, which ensures a quick and stable connection. The HD+ comes with a comprehensive set of manufacturer specific connectors, which includes OBD connectors and switching line test cables.

Available separately is the Launch Professional HD database; the electronic version offers guided diagnostics from fault code to a test plan to a final fix. The database includes wiring diagrams, component locations, ground points, fuse, and relay information and more.

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