Bosch explains repair of Denoxtronic systems

Bosch explains repair of Denoxtronic systems

Denoxtronic exhaust-gas treatment systems are present in a wide variety of commercial vehicles. Here, Bosch outlines the opportunities for revenue generation presented by regular servicing of the systems.

Five generations of the exhaust gas treatment and dosing system Denoxtronic have been installed in a large proportion of diesel vehicles over the last 18 years. This system injects the urea-water solution AdBlue into the exhaust stream and converts, in combination with the SCR catalytic converter, harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) into water and nitrogen. Around 12 million systems are in operation worldwide in trucks, construction and agricultural machinery. They are also used in stationary systems with diesel generators. For their long running times and high mileages, commercial vehicles need regular maintenance. The need for Denoxtronic service opens up a great potential to generate additional workshop sales.

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Function and benefits of Bosch Denoxtronic filters

Change filters according to the manufacturer’s specifications

Bosch Denoxtronic filters aim to remove dirt particles from the AdBlue. This supports optimal dosing and protects the Denoxtronic system at the same time. The Denoxtronic filter has to be changed regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions. A 3D computer animated film on Bosch’s YouTube page, shows the generations of the exhaust gas cleaning system by the help of a camera flight. Filter changes and the function of the system are described in an informative and easy to understand manner.

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What diagnostic equipment and repair tools are needed?

Workshops receive support from Bosch around all Denoxtronic systems, to carry out maintenance and repairs as efficiently as possible, reducing downtimes. With the Denoxtronic sets 1 or 2 in a practical case and the diagnostic device KTS Truck, installed components are checked and defective components are identified through function tests. Corresponding test and repair instructions are contained in the workshop software ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online. Bosch offers Denoxtronic modules and spare parts to replace defective components. The supply modules Denoxtronic 1.1, 2.1 and 2.2 are also available in the Bosch eXchange program for value-based vehicle repairs. Knowledge of diesel technology is imparted in a practical manner in the Bosch service training course on Exhaust-gas treatment in commercial vehicles. Therefore, workshops can offer a suitable service for practically every CV.

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