Liftmaster announces Finkbeiner lift distribution

Liftmaster announces Finkbeiner lift distribution

Liftmaster Ltd has announced that it has been appointed the main agent for Finkbeiner Lifts in the UK.

Finkbeiner is a medium-sized family business based in Germany and has been manufacturing lifts for over fifty years. The company started as a trailer manufacture, going on to make its first pneumatic column lifts in 1967. Today, Finkbeiner has an impressive range of hydraulic mobile column lifts to suit most requirements, as well as manufacturing two post lifts and platform lifts.

Liftmaster has been servicing Finkbeiner mobile columns for its customers for a good number of years, with the lifts being a popular choice for many of Liftmaster’s customers, especially bus and coach companies. That being said, Finkbeiner has many specialist solutions for lifting so its customers can be sure of getting the best possible lift to suit their requirements.

Finkbeiner is probably best known for its mobile column lifts. This range has a lifting capacity from 2.5 tonne per column to 15 tonne per column, which means it can lift all types of vehicles from cars to commercial, agricultural, GSE and military.

The EHB707V11 and EHB907V11DC models are the most popular in commercial workshops. For customers wanting wireless mobile columns, then the EHB907V11DC model is the one to choose. The EHB907V11DC Wireless model has reduced height support legs for easy access to low floor vehicles. It is also available with extended lifting forks, the standard being 300mm and extended 385mm. Extended forks are useful for wider wheels and also to access vehicles with over-hanging bodywork. The EHB907V11DC is a 7.5 tonne column giving a total lift capacity of 30 tonnes for a four column set. The Finkbeiner Wireless range has lifting capacities from 2.5 to 8.5 tonne per column for standard HGVs, and from five to 15 tonne per column for heavy-duty and specialist vehicles.

The EHB707V11 model is a 7.5 tonne per column cabled version of the EHB907V11DC Wireless and mostly available in the same configuration. Cabled lifts require a three-phase power supply to one column and then use cables linking column to column. Cabled lifts are available throughout most of the range.

Finkbeiner also have a unique mobile two-post lift, the FHB. This is a three-tonne capacity lift that can be moved around the workshop. It has all the advantages of a conventional two-post lift, giving clear wheel-free access under the vehicle, but also allows vehicle doors to be opened fully, as there are no vertical posts to impede access to the interior of the vehicle.

For customers requiring platform lifts, the HDS is available in capacities from 25 to 50 tonnes. You can also synchronise two lifts to achieve longer platforms and increased lifting capacity. These lifts have a semi-scissor device at each end, allowing access under the central part of the lift.

Liftmaster has a national sales and service team with many years’ experience in supplying garage equipment for car and commercial vehicle businesses. It has HGV equipment specialists and close contact with the manufacturers, so expert advice is available to assist our customers in choosing the correct product.

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