Making The Cut

Making The Cut

Rob Cooper puts the latest Chicago Pneumatic cordless angle grinders, CP8345 and CP8350, to the test.

The tagline for the new CP8345 and CP8350 cordless angle grinders emphasises high comfort with maximum power. Having put the tool through its paces in the workshop over recent months, Rob Cooper finds it hard to argue against such an assertion.

“I’ve found noticeable benefits when using the grinder, as have the rest of the team here at Commercial Motors Watford. The first thing you notice is how comfortable it is – it feels truly balanced in your hands in any number of tasks, from cutting bolts to cleaning up metal ready for welding.”

Backing up Rob’s assertions, the tool has been built with ergonomics in mind, with the battery positioned at the end of the tool to allow for better precision, whilst the slide handle has been angled at 20° for improved handling.

Chicago Pneumatic’s decision to align the handle and battery in a straight line – naturally aligning the arm with the wrist – appears to have paid off, which Rob says results in a well-balanced, lighter tool. The soft thermos plastic rubber grip adds to the comfort. Crucially, the design doesn’t appear to come at a cost to the power.

Rob adds: “This is the first cordless grinder we’ve used, and I was impressed that the power never felt like it was about to cut off during a task. Having used it for a variety of applications, the power from the brushless motor comes through easily. It’s good to know there is a lock-off throttle for improved safety too, meaning the tool will lock itself once you remove your finger from the trigger.”


Rob also highlights the convenience of the tool around the workshop and when being called out for repairs. “The last thing you want to be doing is running extension leads everywhere, so the cordless aspect is, of course, really useful. The battery power has never been a problem either, as it charges very quickly.”

The CP8345 and CP8350 cordless angle grinder kits come with a variety of components, including:
► Two battery packs
► A 20V charger
► Side handle
► Chicago Pneumatic soft bag
► Front flange spanner
► Tool documentation, including operator’s and safety manuals
The tool also has a number of accessories suitable for differing applications:
► Grinding wheel Type 27
► Depressed centre grinding wheel (rounded) Type 28
► Cutting wheel Type 41

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