MIS Fuel Monitoring Limited Becomes Merridale Limited

MIS Fuel Monitoring Limited Becomes Merridale Limited

Whilst Merridale fuel management equipment has become a highly respected brand within the road haulage and transport logistics sector, there has long been some confusion about the company’s official name, MIS Fuel Monitoring Ltd.

The company has now taken steps to remedy this situation by renaming the business to Merridale Ltd.

“Our legacy goes back over 23 years,” explains Development Director, Paul Ledbury. “During the nineties, we were one of the pioneers of commercial fuelling systems, linking data from the depot to centralised office management software.”

Paul continues “The range of products and fuel management solutions produced by MIS Fuel Monitoring has always been marketed under the Merridale brand.”

“Small business, big brand.”

The company is a successful small business with just 20 employees. Over time it has built up a customer base covering thousands of users. And as the company has grown, so has its identity under the Merridale brand.

“Our customers know us simply as Merridale, and many of our suppliers have also become used to the Merridale name. So when “MIS Fuel Monitoring” is referenced ‒ as the legal entity ‒ this can lead to confusion and raise questions about our ownership status. Who owns what? Who are Merridale? Who manufactures what? On behalf of whom? We wanted to clarify this situation.

“The MIS prefix is a throwback to a long- defunct partnership ‒ Merridale Industrial Services. MIS Fuel Monitoring Ltd was the result of a management restructure of that partnership over two decades ago. And the present company is the result of a further management restructure in 2009.

“Over the last eight years, the company has become financially stronger and more efficient. The growth and success of Merridale has been down to the hard work and dedication of its own people. We are operating in a competitive sector, and whilst other companies have tried to copy what we do, no one can copy who we are. It is our expertise and resources that underwrite the quality and reliability of Merridale products.

“We believe that the company name should also reflect the commitment that the company has towards the Merridale identity and its brand qualities.”

“So what’s in a name?”

“It’s just a name change. Merridale Ltd is still the same registered company, with the same trading history, the same private ownership, and the same product and financial strengths.

“Furthermore, coinciding with the name change, we have the introduction of the new Merridale Ltd has the same people, product range and premises, and the same commitment to quality and reliability. It is, in short, the same company.

“But it is also the same company that has significantly enhanced its product range over the last eight years. Developments include contactless tags and vehicle identifiers, vehicle transponders, tank theft detection, web-based fuel management, automatic scheduled reporting and odometer collection from vehicle trackers.

MX range of pumping, dispensing and management systems. Featuring stainless- steel enclosures, the MX range is second to none for build quality and will become the Merridale flagship products of the future.

“So, over the last eight years, whilst nothing has changed, everything has changed. But we are, and always have been, Merridale.”


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